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Welcome to Abaya Market!

Thank you for paying the visit to The Abaya Market. Let us begin by telling you about us.

Our Vision:

To celebrate Womanhood and provide a unique portfolio worldwide by linking potential buyers to sellers.

To enable every woman to express herself as creatively as possible.


We aim to deliver the highest quality of products to the paramount women of our society. Such as, to celebrate womanhood by offering women an extensive collection of amazing options. So, that they may feel empowered to be adventurous in their choices, expressive in their lives and make a fashion statement with every outfit.

Our Core Values:

1.     Being adventurous, creative, and open-minded:

We want you to have the freedom of expressing your style. Particularly, we offer you an extensive range of creative products so you can be adventurous with your choices and pull together a creative outfit.

2.     Long Term Relationships with our customers:

Our customers are our family and we stay connected with them to ensure they are satisfied. We provide everything that you require, and our blog keeps our customers updated with the recent trends because making your look stand out is our responsibility!

3.     Pursue Growth and Learning:

Updating your wardrobe is our responsibility and we constantly grow our marketplace to expand our collection. We are dedicated to keeping learning about our customer’s preferences to get better every day.

4.     Inspire Happiness and positivity:

As we celebrate modesty and womanhood, we aim to bring happiness and positive vibes amongst our customers who are our number one priority. We are not just a marketplace we are an online community tirelessly working to spread positivity to every life we touch

5.     Make sure customers are pleased:

We ensure customer satisfaction by creating a seamless experience from product shopping to the efficient tracking of your order. Because we ensure our customers are pleased with our marketplace.

Abaya Market Story:

Womanhood is to be celebrated and the best way to celebrate womanhood is the freedom of expression to allow a woman to express her style. So, The Abaya Market is a virtual market consisting of Abayas, Accessories and many more items. Thus, women can choose the items that match their taste and celebrate their individuality.

We value your precious times and hence we have developed this virtual abaya marketplace to provide you with expressive scarves and sophisticated hijabs fit for every occasion.

Our journey began in 2018 and in a short time, we have successfully developed an extensive portfolio consisting of many products. Including Abaya, Scarves, Fragrances and Accessories and are tirelessly working to expand our product line further. We believe Womanhood needs to be celebrated and our wide range of products

Be it a Taraweeh gathering or a casual get together, our unique collection is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all shoppers to shop until they drop. The Abaya Market guarantees you to stand out in any crowd with high-quality Abayas available in every colour and print scarves to match every look and mood. Hence, we have charming accessories including a wide collection of broaches so that every individual can make a statement with every outfit. Our collection of comfortable hijab caps will allow you to pull off any look with confidence and ease.

Our Goal:

We want every woman to feel like royalty and make a statement with their style. We offer you everything you require to pull together a look that makes a statement. Be it comfortable abayas or floral scarves we have it all. From floral silk scarves to chiffon Hijabs we wish to add colour in every woman’s wardrobe just like women spread positivity and happiness in our society.

We value the numerous contributions that women make to our society and have begun this abaya startup to give back to all the wonderful women within our society. We know every woman is making a very important impact in the world and we have an expressive and colourful connection to make every day a special day for our special customers.

Add a touch of life to your plain shirts with our printed scarves. Furthermore, use our accessories to make your dress have a dash of glitter and some bling. Make every occasion a special occasion with our fragrances and confidently embrace your simplicity with our solid colour hijabs. Be it casual wear or formal, be it a friend get together or a big presentation, a birthday, or a regular day the Abaya Market will always be a few clicks away from making every day a memorable day.

We ensure transparency and allow you to access customer reviews and feedback for each product. Likewise, our detailed product description provides holistic information about the product material, size, and type. We provide all the information to the customer as your satisfaction and happiness are very important to us.

Save time and effort by visiting multiple markets and easily compare products and order your favourite items sitting at home. Avail the opportunity of free shipping over $250 and get regular updates about the status of your order.

Enjoy shopping with us!

We love to stay connected with our customers and encourage you all to give us your feedback on our website. As we love to learn about what our customers have to say about us so we can constantly grow and get better every day. Abaya Market knows the importance of staying connected with our customers. Therefore, we regularly update our Facebook and Instagram with the latest updates about our collection.

We are looking forward to you to join our community. So, we can help celebrate Womanhood and make shopping easy and exciting for all of you!

So then, what are you waiting for? Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and get ready to have a wonderful shopping experience with just a few clicks!

Our core values

Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
Create Long-Term Relationships with Our Customers
Pursue Growth and Learning
Inspire Happiness and Positivity
Make Sure Our Customers are Pleased

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